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Your home, pampered by our cleaning professionals.
Imagine a life free from dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing.

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Professional Recurring House Cleaning for Calgary & Area Since 2008

Quality You Can Count
On, Guaranteed

Our recurring cleaning services come with a quality guarantee that puts your needs first. You can trust the quality a Neatfreak provides.

Quality You Can Count
On, Guaranteed

Whether you want your house cleaning weekly, biweekly, or once per month, our office is happy to accommodate.

Quality You Can Count
On, Guaranteed

Since 2008, Neatfreak has been scrubbing hard to earn a reputation as a reliable cleaning company that gets the job done right. We aren’t a fly by night organization: we are an organization of cleaning professionals.

For a House Clean You Will Love
Choose Neatfreak

Calgary’s Own
“Neatfreak University”

Our cleaning staff undergo intensive training that rewires their brains and instills our cleaning philosophy. We take a methodical, experience-driven approach to cleaning: every room has a process, every process driven by procedure. After all, as a luxury service, we are acutely aware of the level of proficiency our clients expect.

Top to bottom, left to right: that’s how we approach every room in your home. By the time our cleaning staff graduate training, their brains a hard-wired to follow our tried-and-true process.

Experience, Experience

Founded in 2008, we have nearly a decade of hands-on cleaning experience. In the past 10 years we have learned the pain points our clients have, and ensured that our cleaners address them each and every clean.

We’ve learned the products to use, the methods to follow, and the skills to develop that help us deliver a consistently excellent clean.

Most of all, we’ve learned the personality and traits someone must have to be a truly exceptional cleaner.

We’ll Make Your Home a Pampered
Home, From Top to Bottom

You’ll love what our cleaning professionals do.
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Our Cleaning Checklist:
a Recipe for Success

Pleasure in the work puts perfection in the job.
In our case, there’s nothing more satisfying than checking off our job well done.

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We invest in quality staff to ensure your peace of mind.

All our staff undergo a comprehensive background check and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

No… the neatfreak® team brings everything with them, from the vacuum to our environmentally safe cleaning products. If you have a special product you want us to use, please contact the office in advance and ensure the product is in the proper dilution.
You better believe it! We tackle interior windows to a maximum of 9ft high.

Billing & Payment

Our prices varies based on the type of clean required and the size and scope of the space being cleaned. Call for details.
We accept cash, Visa/Mastercard, and cheque.

Cheques are not accepted for one-time cleans. Note that if you wish to pay by cheque we must have a credit card on file.

We may charge a $75 fee + GST for appointments to cover our costs if you cancel or reschedule without at least 2 business days notice, or where we cannot gain access/locked out/alarm going off without being provided a code.

Note that this fee is not charged for events beyond your control. In the event we can’t gain access to your home we will immediately try every known contact method for reaching you we will allow a 15 minute window to gain access. If we can’t reach you, or gain access to your home, we will move on to our next scheduled clean and reschedule you at your earliest convenience.

For “one time” scheduled jobs we charge 50% of the job at the time of booking to reserve staff and time to do the job. The balance of the job is charged based on actual hours worked (should the estimate be higher than the actual hours worked, we reduce the charge to reflect the actual hours worked.

Customer Service

First, we’re sorry we came up short with our quality. As we are a premium service we completely expect our clients to expect the best from us.
To ensure this doesn’t happen on one-time cleans we require a responsible party to complete a walk through with our cleaning team. This is your opportunity to identify any gaps in quality to ensure everything is completed as you expect prior to our departure.

For our recurring clients, the good news is that we can fix it for you right away! Call our office – (403) 455-9333 – or e-mail us at [email protected] within 1 business day of your scheduled clean and we will arrange to come back to your home – at no additional charge – to address the deficiencies you found.

Your satisfaction is our focus. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you spot a problem!

Before we start comparing prices it’s important to compare apples to apples. All of our quotes are based on the specific needs of the home. For example, if you have pets/kids or we don’t clean your home as frequently as someone else’s your clean may be more expensive. (but all other factors, such as square footage, are the same).
We cannot compare our professional service to that of an “independent cleaner” for various reasons. An independent cleaner in many cases is NOT bonded, licensed, insured or has any liability coverage for damages or injuries. The home owner takes full responsibility in these situations. An independent cleaner has to take vacation or may chose not to clean your home whenever they choose. On the other hand, we have staff to cover absences and vacations. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are happy to walk you through a breakdown of your pricing so you know that we are pricing each and every client fairly.
Not a problem. Give our office a call – (403) 455-9333 – or e-mail us at [email protected] with at least 2 business days notice and we will happily set up your schedule to your convenience! We work hard to meet the scheduling needs of all our customers! We may charge a $75 cancellation fee for rescheduling to a different day, skipping a recurring job, or when we can’t gain access to your home. This does not include emergencies or situations beyond your control.

Materials & Processing

All cleaning supplies used by our teams are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

These solutions are ideal for allergy sufferers, people that react to typical household cleaners, or anyone who cares about the environment!

Our cleaning solutions do not leave a residue and are safe for kids and pets.

Generally, you don’t need to do anything other than let our crew get to work!

We ask that you be cognisant of time when our crews are in your home.  Our crews are specifically trained to do an excellent job for a given space in a specific period of time.  This means that when they arrive they are going to get straight to work.

Note that excessive clutter, toys, laundry on the floor, etc. will delay the team and may impact the result.  While we don’t want you to “clean for the cleaners”, you will absolutely enjoy a more thorough result by getting rid of as much clutter as possible.

Our standard cleaning supplies include:

  • Vacuum with stair attachment, carpet powerhead, detail tool, and tile/hardwood head.
  • Microfibre towels.
  • 3-5 spray bottles of our custom cleaning solution.
  • Dusting wands with microfibre dusting cloths.
  • Mop with microfibre mop head.

We do not use any cloths or materials that could scratch or mark your furniture or valuables.